The Colosseum - Shopping Mall Bucharest, Romania

The Colosseum – Shopping Mall 
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Software used: Advance Design
Design office: S.C. Cons Co S.R.L.
Beneficiary: S.C. Nova Imobiliare S.R.L.

Project description:
The Colosseum is the largest shopping mall in Romania, and one of the biggest leisure centers in Europe. Its surface is three times that of AFI Palace Cotroceni Shopping Mall, also in Bucharest. The retail park includes a METRO Cash & Carry supermarket and a DIY store from the Leroy Merlin chain stores.

The structure of the Leroy Merlin store is very complex due to the structure of the roof.
The solution used was a network of longitudinal and transverse beams and purlins. The cross sections are made from euro profiles and composite sections.
Due to the fact that the structure is made of several sections, each section was made individually, in separate models. The sections were then integrated into a single model.
“During the completion of this project, the architects asked us to provide them with a 3D model of the whole structure. We were pleasantly surprised to find out how easy is to export the model from Advance Design into a detailed DXF file with all the geometric elements: the orientation and contour of the sections, the length and position of all the elements. Thus, the architects were able to finish the project quick and without difficulty.”

The METRO Cash & Carry supermarket is a hall type structure. The roof has two slopes, made from lattice beams. The particularity of this type of roof, in terms of snow load, is the congestion of snow that occurs at the withdrawal.

“Due to the Climatic configuration, we were able to obtain the loads, depending on the geometry of the roof. After the seismic analysis, we were able to reconfigure the entire branching system of the roof, to minimize the lateral displacements. This was possible by specifically placing the vertical branching between the columns.”


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