Office building Bucharest, Romania

Office building 
Software used: Advance Concrete and Advance Design
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Beneficiary: S.C. VolksBank Romania S.A.
Design office: S.C. PAVIAL S.R.L.

Project description:
The project consists of 3 office buildings connected by 2 smaller access buildings.
Formwork and reinforcement plans were changed many times but the structural modeling was done easily due to the functions of Advance Concrete. The first plan included a multileveled parking lot, but it was modified to make room for a basement. Also, one of the office buildings was modified to incorporate a fire tank.
Formwork plans were quickly changed by simply updating the drawings, according to the model. A new solution was implemented – dynamic reinforcement – which was used for the reinforcement of the columns The height of the floors was modified as well, but with Advance Concrete, the model and the drawings for the reinforcements were updated.
The dynamic reinforcement solution was also used to fill gaps of different sizes.

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