Jean Bouin Stadium Paris, France

Jean Bouin Stadium 
Location: Paris, France
Software used: Advance Design
Design office: CTE Strasbourg
Architecture office: Rudy Ricciotti
Project management: Paris City hall

Dimensions (north stand):
- Infrastructure:3 levels down to -10m depth
-Dimension in plan: trapezium with a long base 110m, short base 62m, height 118m, 5 blocks separated by expansion joints
-Superstructure: 8 levels, highest peak point at +31m, dimension in plan 118mx41m, 3 blocks separated by expansion joints

Project description:
Jean Bouin Stadium is a 20 000 seats stadium home of the Stade Français rugby team.

For a project as big and complex as the Jean Bouin Stadium, with interfaces between different materials and numerous load cases, a global 3D finite element-model almost becomes essential for coping with time restraints and optimization. Advance Design has established itself as an ergonomic and reliable tool from the modeling to the results post-processing step.” - Mr Laurent Mahé, Ingénieur Génie Civil – CTE Strasbourg

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