Advance Concrete

Advance Conrete

Advance Concrete is specifically designed for engineers and structural draftsmen looking for comprehensive and easy to use software, including its own graphics engine allowing it to run with or without AutoCAD. Advance Concrete automates the creation of formwork plans, reinforcement drawings, bill of materials and NC files.

100% dedicated to reinforced concrete construction

Perfectly integrated into AutoCAD®, Advance Concrete significantly accelerates the initial design phase of buildings by offering detailers and engineers a library of drag and drop structural elements (slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations), openings (doors, windows, depressions, openings, niches), bars (straight bars, point bars, frames, pin bars, stirrups and 3D bar shapes), materials and standard sections.

Once the model is complete, Advance Concrete generates all construction drawings using a large selection of view production tools, dimensions, locations, symbols and automatic layout functions.

Structural Modeling Made Easy

All the necessary tools are provided for fast and efficient modeling. Initial creation of a precise model is important sinceAdvance Concrete will subsequently create all structural and reinforcement drawings from this model. Advance Concrete provides all the specialized functionalities required for the creation of reinforced concrete structures:

  • Complete library of structural elements (slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations)
  • Complete library of openings (doors, windows, depressions, floor openings, niches and elevator pits)
  • Complete library of hole shapes (rectangular, circular, polygonal)
  • Materials and sections libraries (including precast sections and steel profiles)
  • Levels management tools

- Option to Copy/Move elements from one level to another
- Option to Copy the entire level above/below the current one. All the visual elements (dimensions, annotations, etc.) can be copied with the structural ones.

  • Any shape can be created using ACIS solids and converted into Advance Concrete elements.
  • Easy modeling for inclined elements (roof beams, attic walls) as well as roofs and ramps
  • Parametric stairs with one or two ramps and different types of anchors

Reinforcement Modeling and Detailing for all Situations

Advance Concrete has a wide variety of tools for reinforcing structural elements, ranging from cast-in-place concrete to precast and special construction elements. You can choose the most appropriate tools for your processes and preferences, allowing you to quickly adapt the software and integrate it into your company workflow.

Using Advance Concrete’s powerful reinforcement tools, you can quickly generate bars and fabrics and distribute the objects. The software automatically creates material lists and steel ratios.

Free reinforcement detailing Advance Concrete provides a set of tools for detailing bars and meshes freely, directly on the 2D drawings. The software constructs and maintains a 3D model from the bars detailed on the drawing, which enables visualization, clash checking and quantity take-offs. Using this reinforcement detailing method one you can generate drawings for any special shapes, regardless of its the complexity.

Bending details and multiple symbols can be created automatically for the entire reinforcement drawing.

Comprehensive Shape Library: Predefined bar shapes can provide the construction site with bars that were already bent in the workshop. Advance Concrete has an easy-to-use complex shape library included, but new ones can quickly be added.

Parametric (Automatic) Reinforcement: Advance Concrete enables assignment of parametric reinforcement attributes for each object (beam, column, openings). Reinforcement drawings are then automatically created! You can also create custom reinforcement templates and associate them to structural elements.
Each reinforcement style can be customized and applied for multiple situations.
Different templates can be saved and used for the entire model, allowing a huge time-saving and reinforcement drawings are obtained in seconds after only few clicks. In addition, you can modify the style parameters, apply them and see the modifications in real time.

Dynamic Reinforcement is an exclusive technology that significantly accelerates the creation of reinforcement drawings by automating the placement of reinforcement bars and by keeping drawings up-to-date when projects are modified. It rapidly reinforces standard elements (e.g., beams, columns, footings, etc.) by integrating them in their context, as well as element nodes and junctions (e.g., wall/wall or wall/slab connections), and prefabricated elements.
The advantage of this new technology is that once a complex reinforcement solution is created, it can be saved and re-used for all the similar cases in other projects, leading to a significant time-saving, especially when similar reinforcement layouts appear repeatedly in the structure. Advance Concrete has a set of predefined solutions that can be used immediately or that can be quickly adapted to suit your needs.

Mesh panels and bent meshes reinforcement: Meshes and bent meshes are part of the solution mostly used for slabs and walls. In addition to the regular reinforcing, Advance Concrete can automatically optimize mesh rests.

Reinforcement Cage: Advance Concrete makes the 3D reinforcement conception and visualization much easier:

  • The 3D viewer allows a quick realistic and interactive view of the entire 3D layout
  • The Clash check tool is used to verify if there are any reinforcement collisions, which are accurately detected and reported to you.

The 3D reinforcement cage can be exported to multiple file formats (including DWF / DWG) available for visualization using 3rd party compliant software packages.

Reinforcement Modeling and Detailing for all Situations

Once the model is completed, the creation of the construction drawing can begin: sections, elevations, foundations drawings, isometric views, total or partial cuts, etc. You can create the drawings during the modeling process and update the drawings whenever the model changes.
To accelerate drawing completion, Advance Concrete offers a large selection of automatic dimensioning and locating tools:

  • Associative and dynamic dimension lines
  • Interactive locations
  • Smart symbols and marking

Advance Concrete lends itself to your methods and tools.

With Advance Concrete, you can draw reinforcement objects on:

  • AutoCAD® 2D drawings
  • Calculated views generated from an Advance Concrete formwork/structural drawing
  • Autodesk Architectural Desktop views.

Advance Concrete can work in 2D or 3D depending on the your preference and the type of structure being modeled. Advance Concrete supports all basic AutoCAD® concepts and functions (snap points, grip points, copy, etc.).

Reinforcement Modeling and Detailing for all Situations

Advance Concrete facilitates the creation of paper drawings

  • Automation of AutoCAD® paper space
  • Simple drag and drop of drawings on the paper
  • Views have dynamic properties : scales, rotations
  • History of drawings and views (version control)
  • Export layouts and drawings to DWG, for further use in other applications

You can completely customize the aspect of your final documents by inserting title blocks, frames, company logos and page format.

In addition to creation of construction drawings, Advance Concrete also provides complete structural estimation: volume of concrete, surface of formwork, etc.

New projects are started quickly with Advance Concrete by using predefined configurations from previous projects. These can include settings / modifications to materials, bars, meshes, units and layer naming.

Assistance: Advance Concrete provides all the learning tools to quickly master its main functions:

  • Complete on-line help
  • “What’s this” function on every tool and object
  • Self paced training with a built-in Advance Concrete Learning Program

100% AutoCAD® compliant

Advance Concrete uses Object ARX to its fullest potential. This advanced Autodesk technology provides users with professional objects such as beams, columns, bars perfectly integrated into AutoCAD® on which most standard functions can be applied (copy, paste, extend, trim, stretch, etc.). The native file format of Advance suites is a 100% Autodesk compliant DWG file.
GRAITEC is an ADN (Autodesk Application Developer) since 1997 and a UAR (Unique Application Reseller) since 2001.

Multi-user mode: Big projects in less time

Advance Concrete integrates the “Model Share” technology - a major innovation allowing splitting big projects in smaller parts, which are then shared and detailed separately by several users simultaneously.

  • There is no time loss during the project. Short deadlines are successfully met. The collaborative solution ensures faster modeling, allowing the development of more projects in a shorter time.
  • New elements and modified elements are “published” to the database and become available to all other members of the team only when the draftsman issues the command, when the model is complete and correct.
  • Based on the Microsoft SQL technology

Advance and ADT: a seamless and efficient duo for those tight deadlines!

Using Advance Concrete and Autodesk Architectural Desktop guarantees accelerated and consistent drawing creation!

Architects use Autodesk Architectural Desktop to create, consolidate and transmit building designs and specifications: walls, shapes, aesthetics, environment, etc.

Engineering offices can re-use the architects ADT objects and directly convert them to structural elements. Advance’s automated tools analyze the individual objects and global structural stability and then create construction drawings in compliance with local standards.

Architect’s drawing

Engineer’s drawing

The engineers can then forward the finished project back to the Architects and/or Construction professionals in a standard .DWG file… All in record time!

Sections and reinforcement drawings can be created directly on ADT elements, without any adjustments.

Advance Concrete and Autodesk® Architectural Desktop eliminate work redundancy and increase workflow between architects and engineers. As an added bonus: managing a project on both ends becomes a snap!

BIM technology : GRAITEC software interoperability and integration

The Graitec BIM technology creates a connection between the three applications making both the evaluation and the modeling a lot easier.

All Graitec products can easily communicate with the new BIM format, which allows the exchange of models between applications and also the models synchronization, with no data loss and no need for data reentry!