Geobaltus is a Lithuanian company specialized in complete integrated Computer Aided Engineering and Document Management solutions. These solutions provide modelling and analysis tools for:

  • Structural Engineering and Construction (3D modelling of steel and concrete structures, analysis and design, automatic generation of reinforcement and workshop drawings in AutoCAD® platform);
  • Geotechnical engineering (design diaphragm and sheet pile walls, 3D modeling of single piles and pile groups);
  • Engineering Document Management (management of the design and change process through the documents version control, property management, relationship management, workspace management, documents backup, restore and archiving).

Geobaltus follows a rapid growth, which has been achieved through the solid management, high-level personnel, and products and services of excellent quality. Our team is young, energetic and active. Our team consists of doctors of science, masters, graduated engineers and other high-qualified specialists. We also keep close contacts with high education schools, where some of us have lectures (i.e., Vilnius Gediminas Technical University). Through projects we are able to organize a team consisting of various specialists for solving building design problems, FEM analysis, specific design questions or challenging engineering issues.

We help to select the best possible tools for construction engineers and draftsmen, which meet their requirements in the most cost effective way.

We are able to:

  • Analyse CAD situation at customers’ enterprise ;
  • Deliver CAD/CAE solutions on Graitec products basis;
  • Customise CAD software;
  • Implement CAD systems;
  • Make engineering in building design and construction fields.